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Residential roofing

Beldon is ready and eager to help you solve your Houston home’s roofing problems. We are specialists in residential roofing. Our expert crews are continually trained to install residential roofs quickly and professionally. We explain our work, respect your home and property, and clean up before we leave. The most important feature of your home–your roof that completely protects the rest of your home—is completely protected by our professional application.

Owens Corning

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As a Houston roofing contractor we recommend and install Owens Corning because of its superior residential roofing products. Many Houston homeowners

prefer fiberglass-asphalt shingles, and the Total Protection Roofing System offered by Owens Corning gives you the widest variety of shingles, across price points, designs, and colors.

Owens Corning has long been recognized as a residential roofing materials industry leader. The company got its start in 1938, when its accidental discovery of thin glass fibers led to a revolution in insulation: fiberglass. Applications of the strengthening, insulating glass fibers included shingles, added to the company’s product line in 1977. Almost all asphalt shingles sold today are reinforced with fiberglass.

Owens Corning offers a wide range of shingles to complement the visual of your roof. You will also want to know about the full range of ventilation and insulation products that keep your attic dry and ventilated year-round. Intake and exhaust ventilation products, coupled with Owens Corning’s famous pink attic insulation, help preserve your roof and give years of worry-free service.

Shingle roofing

Owens Corning offers many different product lines of residential roofing shingles. Within each product line, you can choose from blacks, grays, browns, reds, blues and greens. Your trusted, local roofing contractor, Beldon, can work with you to select the ideal color and shingle style to match your home and lifestyle.

From the simple three-tab economy of Supreme shingles to the energy efficiency of Duration Premium Cool shingles, Owens Corning offers something for everybody’s budget and style preference.

Whether you are looking for the laminated, extra large, dramatic slate shape of a Berkshire profile or the architectural cut of Duration designer shingles with their intense, vibrant color and high contrast, we can guide you to selecting a new roof that adds curb appeal and lasting value to your Houston home.

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Total Protection Roofing System

The Total Protection Roofing System from Owens Corning is your assurance that your Houston roof will provide the longest possible service for your investment. A Houston home’s roof is an integrated system designed to accomplish three important things:

  • Seal—To create a waterproof barrier
  • Defend—Protect against nature’s elements
  • Breathe—Provide for balanced attic ventilation

With Owens Corning integrated residential roofing products, your home is protected with water barriers, underlayment, starter shingles, beautiful designer shingles for your roof’s expanse, and hip and ridge shingles.

image of the owens corning roofing system

Owens Corning is your trusted name in roofing, and Beldon of Houston is your local, trusted roofing contractor for all your residential roofing needs.